Priska Altorfer works for over 10 years in the fields of information security, process optimization and international trading marketing. Her major endeavours are the analysis, development and realisation of operational Risk Management and IT-Governance in information systems as well as the implementation of CIAM (Compliant Identity Access Management) solutions. She has experience as an international commodity trader. In her international assignments, she has learned many languages (F/E/SP/P/Arab/Mandarin) and has made acquaintance with the cultures and working mentalities of these countries. Priska Altorfer is managing partner of wikima4 in Zug and Associate Partner at imp-consulting, Zürich Airport. Education: Eidg. Dipl. Verkaufsleiterin, Certified AcceleratedSAP consultant, Certified ITIL Foundation, Lecturer at the HWV Lucerne (CH) for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Compliance (CAS-ERP). Memberships: board of donna Informatica, head of Swiss ICT-Mentoring program, head of IT-Governance Interest Group AK2 of the SwissICT, DSAG (German speaking SAP user group), task force Return on Security Investment (ROSI) of the ISSS, Round Table Chances and risks in SAP systems, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), BPW Zug (Business Professional Women)

Jürg Gutknecht’s professional career in Computing started in 1968 in industry with a position in the real-time system programming group at Swissair. From 1970 and while being employed by IBM as a working student, Jürg Gutknecht studied Mathematics at the ETH Zurich, from which he graduated in 1977 with a PhD in Mathematics. Gutknecht joined Niklaus Wirth’s Lilith/ Modula personal computing research team in 1981 and, in 1985, after a sabbatical stay at the Xerox-PARC Research Laboratory in California, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the ETH. Then, together with Wirth, he developed Modula-2 system software and created the Oberon programming language and system, followed by several evolutions with a focus on component-based software design and concurrency. Jürg Gutknecht’s research interests are in the area of programming languages, compilers and runtime platforms, with an emphasis on lean systems. He is currently involved in projects aiming at holistic systems design, including application-aware chip design based on programmable hardware technology. Prof. Gutknecht was the head of the Native Systems research group at the Computer Science department of ETH Zürich. He was Studies Delegate from 1991 until 1994 and head of department from 2006 until 2010.

Ute Klotz

Ute Klotz is Professor of Information Management at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland). Her research interests are in the area of information systems for collaborative work and virtual work. Ute Klotz is involved in the activities of labour unions and non-governmental organisations, which are concerned with educational issues and working conditions for employees in Higher Education Institutions. Ute Klotz studied Political Economics and Information Science at the University of Constance in Germany. She has worked for many years as a consultant for various German and Swiss companies.

Reinhard Riedl holds a Master of Science in Engineering and a PhD in Pure Mathematics. He has carried out research in computer science, business informatics, and legal informatics and he has participated in miscellaneous research and innovation projects in various disciplines and domains, such as economics, healthcare, and ethongraphy. After visiting professorships at the University of Rostock (“High Performance Computing”) and the University of Zurich (“Communication and Distributed Systems”) he was appointed research professor for “E-Government” and director of research at the business school of Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Now he is chief science officer there and head of the transdisciplinary BFH-Center for Digital Society. His current research focuses on design and governance of data platforms, patterns in digital transformation, and digital geopolitics. Furthermore, he created “Zurich’s Cynical Theatre Guide”, he  is now editor of, he is co-founder of and of, he is member of the steering boards of,,, and, and he is president of


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